No Project Name Project Location Installed Capacity
Attributable Installed Capacity
Projects in Operation
1 Fujian Shaxikou Project Fujian Province 300 100 300
2 Fujian Niutoushan Project Fujian Province 115 52 59.8
3 Fujian Zhangping Huakou Project Fujian Province 36.6 100 36.6
4 Chongqing Meixihe Project Chongqing 129 100 129
5 Yunnan Yingjiang Hongfu Industrial Project Yunnan Province 64 100 64
6 Yunnan Yingjiang Huimin Project Yunnan Province 6.4 100 6.4

As of 31 December 2016, the Group’s Controlled installed capacity of hydropower in operation was 651.0MW with annual power generation of 2,760,369.78MWh, representing an increase of 17.5% when compared to last year. The increase in power generation of the segment was primarily due to the significant increase in precipitation and water flow over last year in Fujian where the Group’s hydropower project was located. During the year, the power generation of the segment accounted for 27.2% of the Group’s total power generation.