No Project Name Project Location Installed Capacity
Attributable Installed Capacity
Projects in Operation
1 Yunnan Kunming Project Yunnan Province 30 100 30
2 Phase I of Hainan Haikou Project Hainan Province 24 100 24
3 Phase II of Hainan Haikou Project Hainan Province 24 100 24
4 Guiyang Huaxi Project Guizhou Province 24 100 24
5 Anhui Wuhu Project Anhui Province 24 100 24
Projects under Construction
6 Hebei Bazhou Project Hebei Province 24 100 24
7 Sichuan Deyang Project Sichuan Province 24 74.11 17.79

As of 31 December 2016, the Group’s controlled installed capacity of waste-to-energy power in operation was 78.0MW with annual power generation of 484,450.4MWh, representing an increase of 51.8% when compared to last year. During the year, the waste treatment capacity of the three projects reached 1,385,000 tons. The increase in power generation of the segment was primarily due to the additional power contributed by the commencement of operation of Phase II of Hainan Haikou Project (with capacity of 24.0MW). During the year, the power generation of the segment accounted for 4.8% of the Group’s total power generation.

Waste-to-energy power is one of the strategic focuses of the Group. Certain projects are expected to gradually commence operation in 2017 and 2018 to offset the impact of insufficient utilisation of wind power, reflecting the Group’s risk resistance resulting from diversified and balanced development and representing our strategic advantage of segment rotation. The current capacity under construction of the segment was 204.0MW.