The members of the Board of Directors (“Board”) of China Power Clean Energy Development
Company Limited are set out below.

Executive Directors

  • Mr. Wang Fengxue
  • Mr. Zhao Xinyan
  • Mr. He Hongxin  (Vice Chairman / Chief Executive Officer)
  • Mr. Qi Tengyun

Non-executive Directors

  • Mr. Wang Binghua  (Chairman)
  • Mr. Zhou Jiong

Independent Non-executive Directors

  • Mr. Chu Kar Wing
  • Dr. Li Fang
  • Mr. Wong Kwok Tai
  • Ms. Ng Yi Kum

The Board has set up four committees, namely Audit Committee, Remuneration Committee,
Nomination Committee and Investment and Budget Management Committee. The table below
provides membership information of these committees on which each Board member serves.

Audit Committee Remuneration Committee Nomination Committee Investment
and Budget Management Committee
Mr. Wang Binghua - - Chairman -
Mr. Wang Fengxue - - - -
Mr. Zhao Xinyan - - - Chairman
Mr. He Hongxin - - - Member
Mr. Qi Tengyun - - - -
Mr. Zhou Jiong - - - -
Mr. Chu Kar Wing Chairman Chairman Member -
Dr. Li Fang Member Member Member Member
Mr. Wong Kwok Tai Member Member Member -
Ms. Ng Yi Kum Member Member Member -