The Remuneration Committee comprises all 4 independent non-executive directors of theCompany, namely Mr. Chu Kar Wing (Chairman),Dr. Li Fang, Mr. Wong Kwok Tai and Ms. Ng YiKum.


The principal responsibilities of the Remuneration Committee include reviewing and making recommendations to the Board on the Company’s remuneration policy and structure and the remuneration packages of directors and senior management (i.e. the model described in the code provision B.1.2(c)(ii) of the CG Code is adopted). The Remuneration Committee is also responsible for establishing transparent procedures for developing such remuneration policy and structure to ensure that no director or any of his/her associates will participate in deciding his/her own remuneration, which remuneration will be determined by the Board with reference to the performance of the individual and the Company as well as the market practice and conditions.